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With a large collection of amp models and effects, you will think you are plugged into a variety of real amps with a massive pedal board. Vox tonelab le valvetronix modeling guitar effects processor. Tonelab le, guitar amp simulation pedal from vox in the tonelab series. This is a solid piece of gear with authentic tones if you take the time to make adjustments and create your own patches. The digitech is kind of inbetween the vox and the boss. Planned is to be able to control all settings you can set. The tubes in the tonelab units are used to simulate the power amp section and speaker load in a real amp. Vox tonelab le patch for satriani by lucas demires free. If you use say 3 or 4 in the same song no prob, just group you tones. With a new smaller footprint and enhanced direct recording features, the tonelab le is not just a floor processor for guitar effects.

Ive since moved on to a podhd500 light years beyond in the tones it can do. Well help you to work out whether its worth paying extra for a highend version or whether youre getting just as good a deal by getting the cheaper item. Like the blue valvetronix amps, the tonelab included sixteen amp models, ten pedals, five modulation effects. Subscribe to get insider information, product updates, and more. Unfollow vox tonelab to stop getting updates on your ebay feed. I just bought a tonelab st and im looking for patches for it. The vox tonelab le lets you put the power of the vox valvetronix amps at your feet. Tonelab is famous among providers of steroids in uk due to its quality anabolics by famous brands, secure credit card payments and fast delivery via royal mail. Vox tonelab le big lead preset sign in to follow this. Get the best deal for vox guitar multieffects pedals from the largest online selection at. Vox stomplab1g guitar effects pedal w power supply. Vox tonelab le manuals manuals and user guides for vox tonelab le. In other words, it takes at least 2 taps to switch patches, in fs mode. The tonelab easily has the best tube tones but its a pain that you cant use a wah and distortion effect at the same time and the high gain models arent so good.

Its a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the largest selection at. Bajaao is the aurthorized and official distributors of vox. Vox tonelab st when the tone freaks at vox jumped into the modeling game many years ago, they set out to address what they felt was one of the shortcomings in existing products. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. My vox tonelab le doesnt sound warm ultimate guitar. The tonelab st and ex were replaced by the vox stomplab series in 2012.

Designed for mobility, the compact tonelab st is made for guitarists on the go. Vox stomplab 1b bass effects pedal, 60 effects w2 6 patch cables. Vox tonelab st or le discussion in the effect effect started by stoob, aug 12, 2010. Dont forget to learn about the amp 1,2,3 line 1,2 outputs to make sure you pick the right ones. If youre still in two minds about designer patches for clothes and are thinking about choosing a similar product, aliexpress is a great place to compare prices and sellers.

Vox valvetronix products are renowned for their realistic amp sounds. Tech notes online is a weekly column covering all aspects of todays music, from stage to studio. Ive been using a tonelabse for a few months now i play it into a peavey 5050 classic tube amp and an avatar 2x12 cabinet. The instructions below are provided as a guide to saving the files to your computer. Free shipping for your vox stomplab iig modeling effects pedal. Vox tonelab le big lead preset effects and processors. Weve packed the incredible amp and effectmodeling power of valvetronix amplifiers into a portable, easytouse, awesomesounding effects unit that sounds so real, youll think youre plugged into a collection of real amps. I plan on using it mainly for simulating amps for my homerecording booth im setting up atm. It has a output preference in the menu for running to headphones, an amp, direct recording,etc.

If the exterior becomes dirty, wipe it with a clean, dry cloth. Download vox tonelab le patch list free rutorturtle. Biasing the tube will instantly make the tonelab le sing for you. Vox tonelab st multieffects guitar effect pedal for sale online ebay. Unfollow vox tonelab le to stop getting updates on your ebay feed. So, it sounds like if youre in fs mode, to change patch, you hit bank updown patch ad. This morning, i discovered how to use my favorite multieffects unit, the vox tonelab le, for looping and soloing over the top. Im looking for some feedback about the vox tonelab ex. So far its loads of fun gonna download some patches from folks. The vox tonelab st is a multieffects unit containing just about every type of guitar effect out there. After a quick tastetest of some of the various preset patches on the vox tonelab le, owen takes a look at the individual effects modules to.

Vox tonelab le dumble special overdrive amp sound sample. Activewear for running, yoga, swimming, hiking, skiing or snowboarding, shop the best of boise clothing stores in downtown boise. Omnihil acdc power adapter compatible with vox vt20x valvetronix vtx guitar amplifier power supply. Great amp models with far more variety than the vox but not as good overall. I ran my vox stomplab into my marshal halfstack using my 6 string les paul, my 7 string guitar and my pbass. I think the only downside for you may be that it doesnt have a pedal to change patches, but depends how many sounds you want to use.

The only mod ive made is to remove reverb from almost all of the patches as i personally felt that the reverb on this thinned out the tone. I am not pretty talented when it comes to tweaking digital processors but so far, in about 30 mins i managed to create some usable sounds. The vox tonelab models many famous amp sounds reveared by guitarists ranging from vintage amps to boutique and modern amps. New control application for your great vox tonelab st device. Vox tonelab ex wow, bought one today, sounded better than every pedal board they had. We have 1 vox tonelab le manual available for free pdf download. I am not pretty talented when it comes to tweaking digital processors but so far, in about 30 mins i managed to create s. From clean sounds to extreme highgain distortion, this model cover a wide range of tonal possibilities. One is for volume pedal bias, one is for tube bias for these you have to unplug everything but the power and use the screws located on the back.

Introduced in 2003, the vox valvetronix tonelab was a multieffects processor for guitar based on the preamp circuitry of the vox ad60vt and ad120vt. The valve reactor circuitry uses a real 12ax7 vacuum tube to create that truetube tone. Vox tonelab le the original vox tonelab appeared back in 2003, applying existing vox valvetronix technology to the desktop format popularised by well, a certain red, beanshaped product. This superportable valvetronix multieffects processor boasts 33 amp models, 25 effects, and an asiocompatible usb interface to manage the editing of your presets on a computer. View and download vox tonelab le owners manual online. Andre talks about loads of interesting things that i think we can all relate to and a bunch of stuff that will open the door a little bit on success and how its seen from the inside. I found the information in a forum post on vox s website t hanks to nmkalen in germany. Vox tonelab le owners manual 59 pages valvetronix tonelab le. Tonelab le hidden menu what vox doesnt want you to know. While most units of this type rely completely on digital modelling, the tonelab does the initial tone shaping and amp modelling in the digital domain. Vox tonelab le as a long time gigging musician in various cover band and original projects, i am always on the lookout for gear that allows me to approximate a range of amp tones and effects in a live setting without carrying an inordinate amount of gear. View and download vox tonelab st owners manual online. I max the vox preamp, treble, mid, bass and the vr gain, then also hit it lightly with the tube od. Planned is to be able to control all settings you can set on the device in realtime from your pc.

I max the vox preamp, treble, mid, bass and the vr gain, then also hit it lightly with the tube od, reacts great with the guitars volume knob. Skb sc2111 foot controller soft case american musical supply. Find great deals on ebay for vox tonelab ex when you shop the largest online selection at. Someone noticed there were similar screws on the le one pedal model and tried the same trick and it worked although its not listed in the le manual. Please share your knowledge for the benefit of all members who require it. The tonelabs 12ax7ecc83 valve reactor technology power amp circuit reproduces the output stage characteristics of class a and class ab amps resulting in tube sag which for many guitarists provide the feel.

Built with a fourchannel design that can function simultaneously, builtin 12ax7 vacuum tube valve circuit, and 120 total programmable memory slots, the vox tonelab le multieffects floorboard is a veritable arsenal of signature guitar tones. Links are provided on this page to download the assets listed. Different tubes will most likely make the unit sound a little differently, but not in the same way that a 12ax7 in a preamp section would. This procedure will erase all the programs you created and saved in tonelab le, and will load the factoryset programs. The first is a new fivemode ampline out voiced specially for various applications, from playing into different amp types to direct recording to live performance through a pa system. Documents, presets, manuals vox tonelab le audiofanzine. So be sure to back up any information you wish to keep by use the program sheet. Released in 2011, it offered more digital effects and programs than the four tonelab models that preceded it. The raw patches mirror the settings on page 32 of the manual so you can start with basic ampcab and really hear this baby sing.

With more effects and more presets than ever before, tonelab. So im interested in opinions on the amp and cabinet simulations in particular, but. Voxn designs clothing that integrates performance and technical features for active women. Vox tonelab ex clean sound for direct pa use or direct recording som limpo. Vox ac15 ac15 hat goes with what this is a 1x12 open backed combo using the basically, with your tonelab le you can mix any famed vox blue alnico speaker, manufactured amp model to any cabinet model, and create by celestion in ipswich, england. You also get a wide range of effects, and 2 expression pedals for complete control during performances. Vox tonelab le multieffects pedal demonstration, part two.

With a smaller footprint and upgraded recording features, the tonelab le offers a lot more then just an effects processor. Volume is the screw closest to the power button and the screw furthest from the power is to bias the tube. Free shipping, 14 day moneyback guarantee and 1 year warranty on all guitar processors. Hopefully the article of the vox tonelab le hard reset was useful. Vox tonelab st or le fender stratocaster guitar forum. Jun 03, 2009 alan, the secrets in the title, trimming the tube on the tonelab le. Vox tonelab le valvetronix guitar effects pedal mint. Free shipping, 14 day moneyback guarantee and 1 year warranty on all effect units. After tweaking several presets and setting up new patches i just couldnt manage to get some warm, tube l. The vox showroom vox valvetronix tonelab ex effects. Tonelab le owners manual tonelab owners manual download pdf tonelab le midi implementation chart full midi specification and sys. With new performance elements added especially for live use, the tonelab ex is the latest vox multieffect pedal to inherit the sound of the valvetronix series.

Enjoy the lowest prices and best selection of vox floor guitar effects at guitar center. Guitar effect patches for the vox tonelab le with a new smaller footprint and enhanced direct recording features, the tonelab le is not just a floor processor for guitar effects. The fender magic 6s seem to work well on the fender models as a starting point gain at 6,treble at 6, mid at 3 and bass on 2 or 3 remember, with the tonelab, the fender and vox models never had a master volume, so keep the virtual gain maxed or close to it to suck all that goodness from the tube. I am switching from vox tonelab le, doing a bunch of research on hd500. I thought it was decent sounding for its time and used it for recording. Vox has just released the latest version the tonelab le. We check out the vox tonelab le, an amazing multieffects unit that. That is good because it is also the most expensive. Id say its best suited for live shows, as youve virtually got ever type of sound youd ever need on this thing. Ibanez rg 270 fender fm 212r vox tonelab le preset. Product demo using my vox tonelab le, standard patches.

With this driver, you can play and record audio with very low latency with an asio compatible application. The vox valvetronix tone lab is a spinoff from vox s ad60120vt modelling amplifiers, which take the approach of combining digital modelling and signal processing with both solidstate and analogue amplification stages, rather than trying to emulate absolutely everything digitally. Vox tonelab le multieffects pedal demonstration, part one. The vox showroom vox valvetronix tonelab effects processor. The vox 2ch usbasio driver allows certain vox products to be used as an asio compatible usb audio interface. Vox stomplab iig 2g guitar multieffects pedal wbuiltin expression pedal and power supply. Vox stomplab iig modeling effects pedal sweetwater. Stream vox tonelab le patch for satriani by lucas demires from desktop or your mobile device. I dont normally listen to many podcasts but a musician friend who i have a lot of respect for recommended me this episode specifically.

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